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Sundays dig .

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Thankyou to Keith and Nick for Sundays dig especially Nicks change of field at half time ,there seemed to be a lot of digging being done .Sadly the coppers didn’t do well in the soil but still a nice day out .A musket ball to finish the day .


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Nice one Chris my coppers went the same way but a good day nether the less 

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So glad it was a nice day. It is Nick busting to tell you all about the coming meeting with the FLO etc. But what do I press on the new Forum page to open up a new topic?    07881525847 0r

This is my third  day of trying to navigate. It will be as simple as the old one. But I need a prompt.

Got a new permission on Sunday. got to see the farmer and see if it can be a club one. Another old friend. Nick