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Any ideas on type or age of this ring for the farmer please .It’s gold plated copper.

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Chris Hopwood Topic starter 8 April 2023 12:43 pm

Any ideas on type or age of this for the farmers information.?

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Hi Chris

That looks lovely and stylish, I'll try and search the PAS for you. It looks both copper and goldish, is it heavy?

Have you tried working out its composition by finding its density? That may indicate how much of a gold/copper mix it is. I use small scales to measure mass and volume (suspend in water on a cotton thread) and then compare against densities available on the web.

Great object


Hi Chris

I searched the pas system using gold copper twisted ring and 97 records came up. is the place to search

I'm having trouble pasting in the URL's for these, so here is some cut and pastes: 

The first one looks highly relevant but not so stylish as your one:

Record ID: GLO-262206
Object type: FINGER RING
Broad period: EARLY MEDIEVAL
County: Gloucestershire

A complete but distorted wound wire or 'plaited' gold finger ring of Late Saxon date c. AD 900-1100.

The ring is formed of three thick lengths of circular-sectioned gold wire, which have been plaited to form the bezel and shoulders. The strands have been beaten together at their lower edge as can be seen in detail, these terminals would have originally overlapped at the base to form a hoop but the ring has subsequently been opened and straightened, with one of the gold twisted strands becoming broken in the process.

Wound wire rings of copper-alloy, silver and gold form are ascribed a 10th to 11th century date and are relatively rare finds, though parallels for this piece can be found. Other gold examples have been reported under the Treasure Act (1996):  2019T28 (SUSS-C6C345), 2017T657 (SF-1E15D7), 2016T146 (WAW-0C7587), 2013T787 (WILT-C90DD5), 2013T581 (GLO-37A922), 2014T46 (YORYM-F67716) and 2021T726 (NARC-AC65A0).



There are others in the list here's another one

Record ID: SUR-25E50B
Object type: FINGER RING
Broad period: EARLY MEDIEVAL
County: Hampshire
Workflow stage: Awaiting validation Find awaiting validation
A complete copper alloy finger ring of early Medieval (Anglo-Scandinavian) date. The ring is 28mm in maximum external and 19.6mm in internal diameter and is composed of two plain circular-sectioned rods twisted together. The twisted hoop tapers in diameter from a maximum of 5.2mm down towards their ends which are hammered together to form a flattened bar 2.9mm thick. 


If it is gold plated then electrolysis was discovered in 1805, so it would not be older than that, unless there is another technique used.  

Chris Hopwood Topic starter 12 April 2023 5:47 pm

@clivehammett thanks for taking the time Clive I haven’t weighed it but will get around to doing so.