Our Club Officers

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Richard Holladay


Richard HolladayOur esteemed leader and guardian of the 'Golden Hammer' (don't ask - I have no idea). Can be persuaded to change meeting agendas for little more than a pint of IPA.

Nicholas Pearkes

Vice Chairman

Nicholas PearkesBirths, Weddings and Funerals are Nick's specialities. A man of the cloth and site finder extraordinaire. Holds the title for the largest sandwich brought to a club dig.

Phil Curtis


Phil CurtisOur most recent addition to the Committee and owner of Chudleigh's finest Second Hand Shop.  He's a businessman, gentleman and a master of the purse strings.

Tony Bradbury


Tony BradburyTony can take minutes like no other. He's a born organiser who loves nothing better than a good cup of coffee and an Eccles cake..and more coffee.

Andy Robinson


Andy RobinsonHe's a confirmed alcoworkaholic who loves nothing better than burning the candle at both ends making sure everything runs like clockwork. His commitment to the Club is second to none. Can you Paypal me that fiver we agreed on for writing that please Andy.

Andy Barnett


Andy BarnettSelf confessed IT junkie and our website creator. Has been known to enjoy the odd pint of cider on occasions (several occasions).

John Mussell


Ken Harper

John is somewhat of a guru in the numismatics field (thank god for spell checks) and is the first port of call if you have any little metal discs you can't make head or tail of. He's also a jolly good bloke   .

Dave Berryman


Dave's an absolute gem of a guy and all-round good egg.  He's currently having a bit of a good run on the detecting front with recent gold and silver finds.

Ken Harper